Monday, March 30, 2015

In My Closet: Nike Air Force 1

With this post I am starting a new section on my blog in which I'll be showing you my wardrobe staples and favourite pieces and trends. I'm starting with these Nike Air Force 1 trainers that aren't my wardrobe staple or my favourite piece yet as I only got them yesterday but I have a feeling they are here to stay. For most people they're just basic trainers but for me buying them was actually a pretty big deal because they're my first pair of proper trainers. If you know me, you know i'm all about heels, whether skinny or chunky ones, girly or bad ass, as long as they add some inches to my height, I am in the business. And if I do wear flat shoes, they're usually some tough black boots, never sporty kind hence why these are a big step for me (pun intended). Let's wait and see how I feel about them after a couple of wears, will also try to post an outfit photo with them sometime soon.

Monday, March 2, 2015

That Pastel Glow (LFW AW15 Day2)

I do wear all black a lot but when I go for colours, I go all in. I love pastels and I've said that a lot before, they just make me feel so fresh and, well... happy. Wearing trainers for a hectic day during London Fashion Week is probably the smartest thing to do, makes running around that much easier. The ones I'm wearing actually have LED lights in their soles so they glow in blue, a rather cool way to keep things interesting when it gets dark.

 Loic Brohard photography
 Loic Brohard photography

jumper, duster coat, bag - Primark
skirt - Topshop
shoes - Topshop x Glow
trousers - Asos

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Channeling My Inner Carrie Bradshaw (LFW AW15 Day1)

So as you're probably aware, London Fashion Week is in full swing right now and I definitely should be getting some rest before another day of shows and not be staying up at 2am when I'm writing this post. However, in my first post this year, I promised that I'd try to get back to blogginh more regularly and post new things weekly so here we are!

This was my LFW look from day 1 which was my busiest day with a dozen of shows (I've managed to go to 9 of them) but I still somehow managed to survive all day in those heels. The outfit was slightly inspired by the character of Carrie Bradshaw and her style hence why I was wearing a big skirt and a veil on my head. To see what I'm up to during the remaining days of LFW, follow my instagram @magdarling where I'm posting (or at least trying to) straigh from the shows!

skirt, jumper - Topshop
shoes, belt - Primark
gilet - Warehouse
bag - H&M

Saturday, February 14, 2015

LOVE at St. James's Park (My Editorial Work)

I'm not one of those lucky people that are happily in love and coupled up. However, to celebrate Valentine's Day I spent last sunday styling this LOVEly shoot beacuse there's nothing like red and pink to make a woman feel sexy and beautiful!

plus couple of backstage shots:

photography: Giselle Palou
styling: yours truly!
models: Nina Alonso & Jerome Kodjo

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hyde Park Wonderland (My Editorial Work)

Hi! Isn't it freezing outside?! This weather is really getting to me and I cannot wait for warmer days but for now let me show you a winter manswear shoot I styled in December. Don't know what your boyfriend should wear in this cold? Here are some of my ideas!

photography: Giselle Palou
styling: yours truly!
assistant: Georgia Silcox
model: Jerome Kodjo